Frequently Asked Questions


+ Why hire a professional SAT Tutor?

By correctly answering just a handful of additional questions on the SAT or ACT, your score will rise and make more college options available to you. A professional tutor understands how to identity and correct misconceptions to help you achieve your desired score.

+ How does Zeitlin Prep address misconceptions?

Every session has time allocated to revisit the most salient misconceptions, week after week if necessary, until the student has demonstrated mastery. Zeitlin Prep will individually write practice questions for students to resolve high leverage areas of misconception.

+ Does Zeitlin Prep have a specialty or focus?

Our owner tutor has taught math in a public school in addition tutoring in mathematics for over 200 hours. Thus, we focus on raising math scores. Zeitlin Prep is happy to help you locate a qualified and affordable Reading/Writing tutor who is trained in data-driven instruction.

+ What is the difference between Zeitlin Prep and competitors?

Zeitlin Prep is run by a millennial tutor works with families to raise test scores with an end goal of increasing college options for that student. Our main responsibility is to raise test scores, but included in our packages, we provide grade organization coaching, extracurricular advisement, and college application mentorship. We honestly believe our enthusiasm and service is unmatched by traditional test preparation services. To request to speak with a junior family who has worked with Hal, please email

+ Where does the name Zeitlin Prep come from?

Our owner tutor Hal Zeitlin professionally tutored for over 200 hours and was trained in the science of data-driven instruction as a public-school teacher. In addition to his teaching credential, Hal graduated with a BA in Economics from Emory University in three years, Phi Beta Kappa and Summa Cum Laude. See Emory University statistics here. Duing his three years at Emory, Hal interviewed over 100 high school and college applicants to Aristotle Circle Peers, one of the largest peer tutoring services in the United States.